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Robust Analytics develops solutions to improve aviation safety, air traffic management, and airline operations. We specialize in integrating high-volume aviation streaming data with real-time analytics to monitor and predict changes in operating conditions at U.S. airports. Risk Tracker delivers up-to-the-minute measurement of hazards, risk precursors, and risk events in terminal areas at 26 airports in the NAS. The SafeFlight safety margin forecasting system integrates diverse hazard and risk data into a comprehensive assessment of airspace safety margins and flight risk status. The tool predicts airspace safety margin state four hours ahead, in 15-minute intervals. Hazards that affect an aircraft ​during the final 60 minutes before landing are monitored continuously. SafeFlight integrates the airspace safety margin forecast with a crew fatigue model to generate a comprehensive flight risk profile. SafeFlight currently predicts safety margins at 26 US airports. The Operational Disruption Forecasting System (ODFS) quantifies uncertainties in the terminal airspace arrival process by integrating a suite of deep learning models with live data streams and real-time analytics to forecast the possible evolution of arrivals into the terminal airspace over the next 15 hours.


Our Story

A women-owned business based in Crofton, Maryland, Robust Analytics has been in business for 16 years. During this time, Robust Analytics has performed research work and development for NASA, FAA, Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

Robust Analytics specializes in aviation technologies (Safety, air traffic management, UAS, UAM), IoT, cloud design and development and cybersecurity. An AWS Public Sector partner, Robust Analytics has a number of certified solutions in the AWS Marketplace.

Our development team is passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve and utilizing the latest tools. We can work with virtually any technology stack, from Java to Python and everything in between.


From a technology perspective, Robust Analytics has strong practices in Enterprise Architecture and Design, Machine Learning, Python, AWS, Java and Microsoft development, Mobile, Web Development, Enterprise Integration, Open Source frameworks/platforms, and Cloud/SaaS platforms. We help our clients select the right architecture and apply best practices and methodologies across various phases of the project lifecycle to design and develop secure and scalable applications.

Peter F. Kostiuk, Ph.D., President

Dr. Peter Kostiuk founded Robust Analytics, Inc. in 2008 after holding distinguished positions at Logistics Management Institute, the Center for Naval Analyses, and the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Kostiuk built and managed multiple research and analysis teams focused on providing professional services to the federal government and industry. These services included technology development, modeling and simulation, software development, and cost and economic impact analysis. His customers have included the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Office of the Secretary of Defense, and all four military services. Dr. Kostiuk received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago.

MT Mohen, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Michael Thomas Mohen, Chief Technology Officer, drives the innovation strategy and growth for the company’s solutions and ensures technology excellence. Mr. Mohen has over 29 years of experience delivering technology solutions to private, public and international customers. Prior to Robust Analytics, he served as the EMC ECD Chief Architect and was inducted in 2012 as an EMC Distinguished Engineer. At EMC, Mr. Mohen led key strategy initiatives in content management, solutions, big data, compliance and SaaS. Mr. Mohen is an inventor of 20 patents and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.


Experienced Leadership

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