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Our Solutions



Robust Analytics has developed SafeFlight which integrates data on multiple flight risks to predict the risk status of a terminal area several hours ahead.


Airspace Safety Margin Evaluation Tool (ASMET)

The Airspace Safety Margin Evaluation Tool (ASMET) integrates data on flight plans, aircraft position reports, weather, infrastructure status, and traffic density to identify and predict terminal area airspace risk state.


Operational Risk Coordination Assistant for Metroplex Arrivals

ORCA will provide airlines with the ability to better predict operational conditions at destination airports, allowing them to build better flight plans and manage their network operations to improve on-time performance, customer satisfaction, and assist the FAA in matching demand at choke points to available capacity


System Wide Analysis Network for In-Time Safety (SWANS)

SWANS is an in-time monitoring and assessment system for  hazards and risk events in terminal areas. SWANS will provide real-time answers to important questions that a safety monitoring system should ask.


Robust Analytics is a proud AWS Public Sector Partner


Robust Analytics develops services to provide airlines and their suppliers with applications to monitor and forecast the safety status of airspace and flight operation; operational efficiency, including historical analysis of flight routes and flying costs; and tools to forecast the probability of operations risks due to airport demand-capacity imbalances.

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