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NASA Supports Continued Development Of The Flight And Airport-Airspace Monitor (FAAM)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

NASA awarded Robust Analytics a Phase II-E contract extension for its Flight and Airport-Airspace Monitor (FAAM) technology for enhancing airline safety. FAAM integrates data on multiple risk factors to predict the risk status of a terminal area several hours ahead. When integrated with airline operational and crew assignment information systems, FAAM can monitor risks associated with individual flights, including possible fatigue and hazardous airspace penetration.

The FAAM prototype uses data on weather, infrastructure status, and traffic density to predict the airport safety margin status in 15-minute increments over a four-hour forecast period. Users access the FAAM application via a web browser and can customize the displays. FAAM currently provides safety margin forecasts for 13 airports in the National Airspace System (NAS), with the capability to add more airports.

Under the Phase II-E contracts, Robust Analytics will extend the FAAM prototype to increase its functionality, add 12 more airports, and provide access to multiple simultaneous users in NASA, FAA, and airlines. This research will extend the existing FAAM infrastructure to incorporate additional safety monitoring and prognostic applications, and enable safety monitoring of new entrants.

The current version of FAAM is now available for evaluation by airline customers at no charge. Please contact Dr. Peter Kostiuk at for more information.

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