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SafeFlight integrates data on multiple flight risks to predict the risk status of a terminal area several hours ahead. 


The Airspace Safety Margin Evaluation Tool (ASMET) integrates data on flight plans, aircraft position reports, weather, infrastructure status, and traffic density to identify and predict terminal area airspace risk state.


ORCA will provide airlines with the ability to better predict operational conditions at destination airports, allowing them to build better flight plans and manage their network operations to improve on-time performance, customer satisfaction, and assist the FAA in matching demand at choke points to available capacity

Aviation Data

Need aviation data? We have it. Flights, weather, delay information and more! 


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Airlines must protect aircraft in the air and on the ground from numerous risks and hazards. There are many sources of data to identify potential hazards and flight risks, but they typically come from different sources, at various times, and without any assessment of interactions, dependencies, and how combinations of conditions increase risk. Safety-related events commonly are caused by a combination of hazards, but airlines have no systems to identify combinations of conditions that increase risk. Forecasts of evolving safety conditions do not exist, forcing operators into reactive modes that prevent effective planning and mitigation.

Preventing safety-related events requires identifying multiple hazards, understanding how combinations of conditions affect risk, and predicting when unsafe combinations of conditions may occur. In partnership with the NASA System Wide Safety Project over the past few years, Robust Analytics has developed a suite of applications to monitor and predict safety margins in terminal airspace. 

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